Denton + McCartney’s Beautiful Small Town Wedding in Aniwa, WI

If there ever was an event that proved that a small town wedding don’t have to be boring, Denton and McCartney’s beautiful Aniwa, Wisconsin is it. From the beautiful dusty pink bridesmaids dresses to McCartney’s stunning cathedral veil that I had me weak in the knees, this wedding had so many details that makes everyone wedding photographer just melt with joy.

Not only the details, but the people at this wedding were just amazing. I grew up in the area so it was such a blessing to see so many familiar faces and I am not kidding when I say small towns create such amazing relationships. Everyone at Denton and McCartney’s wedding just beamed with joy as they watched these two tie the knot and I know that Denton and McCartney are going to have so much support during their next 50+ years together.

But back to the bride the groom 😉

The first time I had Denton and McCartney in front of my camera was for their engagement session back in September of 2020. I absolutely loved how natural and sweet these two were together and I just knew that they were going to get AMAZING portraits on their wedding day. And boy was I right!

Starting with McCartney, I was just BLOWN away by how STUNNING she looked on her wedding day. McCartney is just naturally beautiful but her “wedding day look” just took all that natural beauty and elevated it times a million. Add that little spark every women gets on their wedding day, and it was like photographing magic. Every angle was beautiful, every movement graceful, and every smile she gave while looking at Denton was just SO pure and genuine. Perfection. **chef’s kiss**

Moving on to Denton, it was amazing seeing a guy who was so in love he could not stop himself from sneaking in a kiss or snuggle with his bride every here and there. Seriously, my heart just melted for these two whenever he would swoop down for an extra nuzzle or kiss. Guys, take note…I will NEVER stop you from kissing your bride during wedding portraits….it’s just too adorable…please do this always! 🙂 🙂

Denton and McCartney. Your wedding day was so perfect. I am so honored you let me and my team capture this special day. and I am SO excited that you get to now go off together and continue growing together.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Mortenson!

The detail on this dress was just so stunning.
Denton seeing his bride for the first time! 🙂
The first of SO many veil shots…because this veil was GORGEOUS.
Sisterly love!
I would like to point out how amazing the little man is doing at the whole ‘magazine model’ pose…naturally gifted at looking good. 😉
This necklace was actually a gift from Denton.
McCartney just standing around looking beautiful.
The girl’s came up with this pose with the groom! I was so impressed they pulled it off!
Groomsmen came up with this special pose with the bride! Born actors every one of them. I think they’re actually impressed by the size of that diamond….
Crab apple trees in full bloom?! Yes please!
Surprise snuggle from Denton…you can just see how much these two love each other!
Another surprise kiss from Denton. <3
Beautiful cake with gold leaf detailing
Fanny Pack? Check. Rose petals? Check. My dreams coming true? TRIPLE CHECK.

Cake | Loving Traditions

Hair | Pure Bliss

Dresses |Elegant Occasions

Reception Venue | Dale’s Weston Lanes

Ceremony | Hogarty Community Church

DJ | Adventure Begins Entertainment

Shout out to my awesome team! Kelsey and Lara, you two were amazing. Also, Lara…thank you for jumping my car at the end of the night. True. Hero.

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