Harrison+Danielle: Chilly Wausau, WI Engagement Session (with Frannie the puppy!)

Collage of images of Danielle and Harison. Top left image is of pug puppy, top middle is of girl wearing green knit sweater holding pug puppy, top right is of couple holding pug puppy, bottom left is of couple standing toe to toe while girl holds boy's face in her hands, middle bottom is of a circle-cut engagement ring, bottom right is of top-half of couple facing each other.

From an adorable puppy to a beautiful train station, I’m so thrilled to share with you Harrison and Danielle’s amazing (albeit chilly) Wausau, WI Engagement Session. I have been waiting to get these two in front of my camera since we had our first virtual meeting a couple months ago! I could tell from the moment I saw them together on my screen that they were going to be AMAZING in front of my camera. Right from the start they were just so sweet and genuine with one another. I could tell they were a treasure trove of sweet moments just waiting to be captured.

But when I first talked to them Fall was already on its way out, my schedule was pretty busy and the weather was getting colder by the day. Cold weather engagement sessions usually aren’t anyone’s first pick and I was sure they would want to wait until Spring time to get something booked. That is…until they threw out a little snippet of info that changed everything. A snippet named, Francesca, or “Frannie” for short. A sweet little pug puppy that was set to come into their lives in November. Yes, once I knew a puppy was involved, I had GREAT hope that a chilly engagement session was going to happen after all…and it did.   

These two braved the cold, scheduled a DECEMBER engagement session, and came out on a cloudy 29 degree day all so little Frannie’s sweet puppy face could be captured forever.

All I can say is, WORTH IT! I mean really, is there any doubt? Look at her! Her cute little potato body* and those bright wittle eyes….gah!! adorable. (*seriously..when she first ran up to me, she looked like the most adorable little potato with legs…it was insanely cute. And her happy little wag was so strong she could barely run straight.)

So be warned! You will most likely want to go get your own adorable puppy after viewing the pictures from this session.

(And for any future couples considering me for their wedding or engagement photographer, I promise I didn’t ignore my couple completely due to the puppy…only a little bit…but they were pretty distracted by her too so I don’t think it counts…)

Man holding pug puppy black and white
Look at the JOY on this man’s face!
“My humans are getting married” <- Best bandana ever.
See! Little adorable potato with legs! ^^^^ I rest my case…
Kisses for mama!
Frannie nailing the ‘Vogue’ look.
Momma keeping her warm between pictures. <3
More puppy kisses!
Quick shout out to these ADORABLE boots. You might have missed them due to the adorable puppy…;)
Yup…Danielle is holding her SLEEPING puppy. Cuteness factor +10
Such a sweet face.
Love dem snuggles!
Little nuzzle for little Frannie.
While Danielle mastered the puppy nuzzle, Harrison did an amazing job giving Danielle some as well.
Feeling like a Hallmark movie over here!
The stairs at this depot are one of my favorite spots for pictures!
That ring just POPS!
I could not believe I found such a photogenic leaf!
Our second location and outfit. Dear Frannie got to go enjoy some warmth while we stuck it out in the cold. We missed you dear one!
Some ‘nose to nose’ poses to keep warm 😉
(More adorable boots…loved these too! Danielle…your fashion choices were so on point!)
A tree with leaves still on it! Yay!
Pro Tip: Warm sweaters are amazing during a cold session and their texture looks AMAZING in black and white photos!
What’s this? ANOTHER crazy photogenic leaf?? Don’t mind if I do…
Ending with these two just being perfect for each other….<3

Thank you again for letting me capture this amazing stage of your lives!! A new puppy, a new engagement, and an amazing future in store.

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