Lindsey + Kurt: Rothschild Spring Wedding

Throwback Wedding Blog!!

So a while back I decided to go back into my archives and blog about some weddings I photographed before I started my blog!

I picked this wedding for the first one because it was the wedding where I truly started to ‘find my style’ of photography. Before this I was struggling to figure out what kind of photography really matched who I was and sparked joy and happiness when looked at the finished project. Of course, it helped that this bride was one of the most kind, vibrant, and joyful brides I had ever had. Her smile and vibe just solidified it when I decided to start photographing more bright and airy imagery. I get to photograph so many precious moments. From weddings, to new babies, to families, to reunions….moments that make your heart warm when they happen and glow when you remember them. And I want my images to match those feelings.

This wedding took place in the early spring of 2018. It had a beautiful church wedding followed by a reception at Stoney Creek Inn in Rothschild, WI. We traveled to several areas for pictures, but I remember being so thankful for people willing to walk around in the cold air to capture a lot of these beautiful moments.

Enjoy taking a peek into the past! 😉

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