Amelé Grace: Donut Smash Session in the UP.

I can’t believe that a year has gone by since I had this little peanut! And what a year! If you would have told me that when this girl was celebrating her first birthday we would all be under a stay at home order and going through a global pandemic…I most likely would have said something like, “You’re crazy…” and then I would have immediately started hording toilet paper. Because, man…it would be nice to have some quality two ply that doesn’t’ cost an arm and leg these days.

Oh Charmin, how I undervalued your quality….

All that being said, here we are! My little Amelé is one and a couple months old already and she’s handling the stay at home orders like a champ.

We decided to do donuts for her one year pictures because, well, donuts sounded incredibility tasty that week! Also, fun fact! Your child’s one year pictures are about the only time you’ll get full control over what’s happening. Once they hit two they will have definitely have…”opinions”.

I took full advantage of this and went all out with an idea I’ve had for a while. DONUT SMASH SESSION! Easier than cake, less messy (relatively), and you get donuts out of the deal! WIN.WIN.

I got these donuts from Super One down in Iron Mountain before they stopped selling them due to Covid-19, and I glazed them myself so they would match the cake we made. Consistency!

Also, can we just take a minute to morn the loss of donuts…I know not everyone one has stopped selling them but I had just found out how GOOD Super One’s donuts were and now they are gone…fare thee well sweet rings of joy….I miss thee….

We set up a little backdrop in our little dinning room with a baby shower party kit I got from Walmart. We pushed our dinning table over so I could have some beautiful natural light from our windows and were able to have just enough space to squeeze in all the kids for at least one shot of them all together. I wish I could say THAT part of the session went smoothly…but HAHA! I got my one out of a thousand shot….AFTER a little bit of photoshop head swapping magic. 😉

Amelé then got to enjoy her little doughnut tower and I had so much fun getting to FINALLY capture some of this sweet girls smiles with my nice camera. She did so well and I was just so happy. Here was my little girl, already one, already getting her own little personality, already standing, already walking, already loving her siblings…and FINALLY getting to experience the joy of a good donut.

I really miss donuts, guys.

Our pile of happiness!
Donut fan for life!
Post donut joy <3
Arwen letting me catch one good smile and Joseph putting up with his mom’s camera…
Ana enjoying the chance to pose in front of the camera <3
Instagram vs…

Donuts|Super One in Iron Mountain

Amelé’s Dress | Amazon


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