Harlie Joyce: 6 Month Old Milk Bath Session

Has it been 6 months already!? It seems like just last week when I got to photograph this little girl’s newborn photos! Nevertheless she us growing up to be such a precious and BEAUTIFUL girl!

I had so much fun getting to travel to her town down in Wisconsin and do my first ever milk bath session! I’ve been wanting to try this forever and I was so happy to finally have a willing mommy ready for an adventure. I got some fresh flowers (always the best!) on the way over i could not believe how lucky we were to have such beautiful colors to work with. I was literally in heaven.

Little Harlie Joyce did such a good job during the whole thing, too. And I think after we got past the weird taste of those flowers (haha!), we got to capture some truly beautiful portraits of this little lady. Now if only she would give me the same huge smile she gives her daddy….;) 😉

I can’t wait until your one year pictures, Harlie! You’re such a little bundle of joy!

Those eyes! <3
Snuggle break!
Letting me know she’s getting close to being done with the whole ‘pictures’ thing.
Was able to grab some ‘dry’ portraits while we were at it too!<3
Little stinker started giving me ALL the smiles after I already packed up my equipment! Luckily her mommy has a BEAUTIFUL floor that works just as good 😉

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