Daniel + Samantha: Whispering Springs Golf Club Wedding

What joy it brings me to get to feature Samantha and Daniel on my new blog! I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to be my first post as they are not only my ideal clients, but just two of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

But here we are, they’re married! And what a wedding! Filled with laughter, joy, moments of surprise, moments of full panic (just wait until you hear about the ring picture…) and most of all, love.  I still can’t stop telling people about this wedding and how much their friends and family just poured out their love for one another during this special day for Daniel and Samantha.

The day started for me with getting a few special moments alone to photograph…the dress(!)  This dress was so elegant, timeless, and just perfect for Sam. I therefore got extremely excited when I noticed there was this BEAUTIFUL wooden silhouette of Wisconsin hanging conveniently in their dining room! It was such a beautiful piece of art and it worked so well to showcase Samantha’s bridal gown. Imagine my joy when I found out it was made by Dan himself! How awesome is it that something Dan made with his own two hands was used to display his bride’s beautiful wedding dress on their wedding day?!

After getting through some of the details, Olivia from Radiant Floral Arrangements arrived with some of the most stunning arrangements I have ever worked with. Olivia was kind enough to let me borrow one of her jars as well as I snapped a few pictures of the bouquets. When given beautiful fresh flowers like these, I ALWAYS want to try and get a few pictures of the wedding bands peeking out from the vibrate colors and textures of the flowers. How could I not? These things were gorgeous!

While I was photographing the details, my second shooter Abby went to go hang out with the guys who decided to sneak in a little fishing time before the big day got started. After seeing the pictures Abby got, I have to admit I was a little jealous, as it looked like the most relaxing thing in the world.

See that ring picture in the middle?…just keep that picture in mind for later…

After all the details were done it was time for Sam to get in her dress. One of my favorite parts of the day. It’s the part where things get real! Sam’s mother was there and we were even able to get a precious father-of-the-bride first look moment as well (I’m not crying…you’re crying…)

We were right on schedule and ready to head out the door when…the groom’s wedding band goes MISSING! My heart dropped. I just photographed the thing! 10 minutes of thinly veiled panic ensues. Samantha, to her credit, handle the whole thing like a pro. After a frantic search, it was finally found. Where you ask? You guessed it! It was still hiding away in one of the beautiful bouquets! I was so embarrassed! AAAHHH! I’m so thankful Sam was as gracious as she was and that the day wasn’t ruined because of my love of pictures with wedding bands and flowers….

We were finally off to the bride and groom’s first look. Something I wish more brides and grooms would try. It can be such a beautiful and intimate first moment between a bride and groom. Dan and Sam were no exception; however, I’ll leave the option of sharing those precious moments to them.

After a few extra portraits it was time to head off to the ceremony!

Dan and Sam were married in the church of St. Mary’s of the Seven Dolors in Stockbridge, WI. It was a beautiful church filled with details and beautiful stained-glass windows. Father Mike led the ceremony while Lori Lang and Laura Zahringer did the readings.

The ceremony was beautiful and started off with one of the sweetest ‘oops’ moments I’ve ever seen at a wedding. When Samantha was ‘given away’ at the altar, Dan just naturally leaned over and gave Sam a ‘hello’ kiss on the lips. It was just so normal and natural it took me a full second to realize that ‘oh no! I think they’re supposed to save that for the end!’ Father Mike incorporated the moment so well however that I really don’t think Samantha and Daniel can consider it a ‘whoops’ moment anymore, but instead just another way that they were able to show their love for each other on their wedding day.

The “whoops!” kiss <3

After the ceremony I got to hang out with the bridal party for some pictures and then I got to steal Daniel and Samantha away again for more pictures! Yay! I got them all to myself a total of three times the entire day. Two more times than I usual get with my couples, so for me, this wedding was the best day ever!


Daniel and Samantha had their reception at the Whispering Springs Golf Course, which provided a stunning location for the night’s festivities.  After dinner however, is when is when one of the most amazing family traditions happened. On the Lang side of the family, there is this family tradition of a ‘Dessert Parade’ where members of the family work together to create these AMAZING dessert trays and then serve them to all the guests at the wedding. At Sam and Dan’s reception, members from both Sam and Dan’s side came together to create these trays and serve them to all the guests! It was like something out of a movie.  Not to steal such a special family tradition but, I wish everyone would start doing this!




After dinner I got to steal the bride and groom away one more time (Bridal Portraits Part 3: The Golf Cart Edition) and then the rest of the night slowly morphed into dancing, laughter, moments, and memories….


This wedding was just so precious from beginning to end. I cannot think of a better matched couple or a better example of the love of family and friends.


Dress Store | Elaine Bridal Shop

Ceremony Venue | St. Mary of the Seven Dolors

Reception Venue | Whispering Springs Golf Course

Florist | Radiant Floral Arrangements

DJ| Record Entertainment

Rehearsal Dinner and Portrait Location | Harbor Bay

Wedding Favors | Sweet Sanity and Dan’s nephew, Owen




  1. Susan Lang says:

    Wow!!! What a wonderful memory of Dan & Samantha’s wedding. After reading your blog and looking at the photos, I felt like I was reliving the day. Your photos are awesome and your words brought everything together. Your attention to detail and creativity has captured this presious day. Your work will be treasured for a lifetime!
    Many thanks

  2. Arlen says:

    This is really helpful, thanks.

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